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Name Your Grief: Miscarriage and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch. My Theology 101 professor, Dr. John Boyle has a lecture that can be summarized by this, “when you name something you have power over it.” The power in a name, “it has the power to stop someone dead in their tracks across the

Can we still find refuge in the Catholic Church?

  The image is a pelican, a mother whose children will starve, so with her beak, she opens her breast and allows them to drink from her blood, that they may survive.     In the selflessness of a mother, Christ’s heart is pierced on the cross and, pouring his

Forging new paths

Three months and one week since we last walked through the sliding glass doors of sterilized air and woodless surroundings at UCSF. Three months. That seems to be all it takes. In a moment, one day, earlier this week, I felt space in my lungs, I felt relaxed, I felt

How to celebrate motherhood for what’s worth

  I want to celebrate motherhood for what it is. I want to be aware of the trials and the heartache and that not everyone is a mother (some are men). Some women chose not to become mothers and maybe they are satisfied or maybe they are lonely or feel

Life after death: a garden path out of loss and trauma

It was fragrant, beautiful and messy. Much like this year. Like garden, I am finding my way after loss and trauma.

Review of Adriel Booker’s Grace Like Scarlett

Today, I share with you a book I encountered that may be useful in your life or in the life of someone you know. It is about miscarriage…

A Mother’s Grief: Reflections on the Most Holy Rosary

Update: With the End of May came the end of this offer, but sign-up to receive free reflection ebooks and mini-liturgies for the home in the future!   The irises are fading, the mums are mounting and the herbs are filling out the little flower bed whose sole purpose when

Meeting Kathryn

This is Katy.   Katy became Kathryn.     And Kathryn became Kathryn Casey.   A few months later Kathryn Casey became “Mommy” but she never got to meet her child because at the emergency department, they learned the little 7-week old sac inside her was empty.   I felt

Change of Life and Change of Tribe

Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch One life change, and everything in your life changes. How many of us can say we are exactly where we thought, at age 10, age 15 or age 20, we would be now? It is not a bad thing. At Sienna’s Walk, an

Photos from the Week

As a new experiment, I will share with you my photos from the week. Some are photos from home and others are from my work with the newspaper. Because the paper is not online, I have been considering the best way to share. I photograph with an old DSLR camera that

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