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Saying “No” in Order to Say a Better “Yes”

Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle_Denair Dispatch. What are the ingredients for the good life at this early stage of Christmas time? I dare say an important factor is learning to say “no.” I want to say “no” to visiting when my family and I are exhausted and the kids

The Making of Traditions

A throwback a couple weeks ago to Thanksgiving but still fit the current season. Previously Published in the Hughson Chronicle_Denair Dispatch. All afternoon we newlyweds danced around singing, “the bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word.” When the time came, in a 5×8 foot kitchen we carved our first

When Christmas Time is not Quite Here

Please forgive the delay on this post. Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle_Denair Dispatch. The Christmas decorations came out early this year in the store. We have become accustomed to seeing Christmas centered merchandise after Halloween, but now it seems non-commercial entities are following businesses leads by decorating town squares

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. There are debates surrounding relationship awareness days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. I think any ire against Mother’s Day generally goes quiet most people acknowledge many mothers work without thanks. It seems fitting they should be celebrated. Who wants to be the cad saying, “let’s not celebrate

Thanksgiving Dinner

We were so pleased with our Thanksgiving feast this year. Over time we’ve developed a few favorites and this year focused on ways to keep things simple. Beginning with the centerpiece: Potted herbs, pumpkins, persimmons and pomegranates in a brass tray with four battery-operated pillar candles. The runner is a

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