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Stories of Hope: A Conversation with Holly Anna Calligraphy

  How one woman uses her way of caring for her soul to speak life to others Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch   “How can I speak life to the people that follow me?” Holly Stavness, owner of Holly Anna Calligraphy reflected in her Facebook feed. I no

Watercolor Floral Workshop with Holly Anna Calligraphy

Saturday, October 14th, I attended a Watercolor Floral Workshop with Holly Anna Calligraphy taught by Kylee Blackburn. A painting of Kylee’s hangs on my living room wall. Sitting in the PICU in the spring of 2016, I began to feel the ache to create. At home my hobbies were big:

New Adventures: Beginner Modern Calligraphy

A little adventure this time: a Beginner Modern Calligraphy workshop with Holly Anna Calligraphy. Handwriting has been my nemesis. It is too slow for the speed of my thoughts. So I typed. I have relied on typing since 5th grade. My hand-writing languished. Penmanship was taught but not enforced. Second

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