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Fall Decor

I grew eager for the beginning of fall. I decorated early last year as a way to protect myself against the fear of being gone from home. This year has been leisurely, still eager for the end of hot weather, but calm in decorating. Routine decorating both gives me something

How does it feel to be home?

How does it feel to be home? Well… The long answer: I go from being afraid for his life to seeing him run down the hallway, squealing at his siblings’ antics. I go from him being watched by brilliant medical professionals to being the primary eyes on him. I go

A Clothesline Way of Life

Published this week in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch. I just saw an advertisement for a washing machine with two washers in one machine so you can wash light and dark at the same time. Let us pass over the fact that you can wash light and dark together on an

Today is Clean-up Day!

I grew up outside city limits. In my upbringing, there were no baseball evenings, annual yard sales or citywide clean-up. Now that we live in town, I look forward to these things immensely. When I described this town to a nurse in San Francisco, she said, “oh my gosh, you

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