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Seasons of Life

Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle & Denair Dispatch There four different sets of seasons in my life.   The first set is the one I see outside. Winter, when the trees go dormant, lasting from December to January. Spring, a time of tree blossoms and new growth, from February

Target Marketing

Target is intriguing. In my childhood, it was the exciting version of Walmart. As an adult, it was a one-stop shop with diapers and personal beauty products. I occasionally browsed, but usually bought what I needed, lamented that our society has to offer 50 different kinds of toothpaste and went

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

Dove has a new video out called “Choose Beautiful.” Although this video is already widely circulated as the other videos, it has not been without critcism. Awra Mahdawi, writing for The Guardian, highlights some of the common criticisms of Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, begun in 2004. Common criticism includes the

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