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Step back and Refocus

This week was all about stepping back. Activity, endless work (because it’s hard to step away when you love it) and the numbers dragged me down. Step back and choose to stop work.   Step back and sit in the backyard. There are sweet peas growing, a flower that seemed

It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way

Thanksgiving and other holidays like it can be stressful. Check out my suggestions on how to manage it, recently published at Mind & Spirit.

Celebrating Fear This Halloween

I am late in posting but in case you haven’t had enough of Halloween reading, check out my latest piece published in Mind & Spirit, “Celebrating Fear This Halloween.”

Surviving the Crisis in Tact

There were many lessons for me to learn over the past two years. After writing my guide to getting through your child’s hospitalization, I knew I wanted to boil it down to make those lessons more applicable for others. That project found a home here, in this Mind & Spirit

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