Bye Baby Bunting

Inspired by the bunting in Miss Mustard Seed’s Studio,


I decided to make some bunting for the nursery. With a special vision in mind, I set out to purchase a crocheted table cloth that I could cut up and use. Believing crocheting is an art, I wanted something stained so that I wouldn’t feel bad cutting it up.

IMG_6530At $5 from a thrift store, stains and all, I won’t have any guilt over this.

IMG_6531During naps I made a pattern on butcher paper so my flags would be the same size and I cut, cut, cut, going all around the sides in case I found a benefit in having the stitching on the edge.

My mother picked up some cream ribbon for me and (two weeks later) let the sewing begin!

IMG_6645The ribbon still needs ironing. The photos here show it in our office. As a trial I hung it from the ceiling of the nursery. The colors looked really good against the orange wall.

IMG_6431But as you see there is no bunting in that photo, I took it down before getting a photo because I disliked it so. Not all projects work out. I’m not sure if its the product itself, the cream on ivory combo or just that perhaps bunting is a little to country chic for me, but either way, it wasn’t my cup of tea. It reminded me of baseball pendants. I haven’t anything against bunting or flags, of course, since I did this project, but it didn’t jive with what I have going on.

These days I’m enjoying the aim of clean modern lines, no clutter (which kind of a joke when you have kids) and neutral colors with bold pops. The bunting was visually jarring in that environment.

But perhaps you would think differently. After ironing it, I’ll have it for sale at a craft fair this fall.

IMG_6646I think I’ll make a veil for my daughter with the rest of the table cloth (the unstained part).

Little changes update

With building the bunk beds (see post: The Triple Bunk Bed), the antique guest bed needed a new home, so she has moved into the nursery. I appreciate having a bed and covers in the same room as the baby for late night/cold night nursing. It also helps as our four-year old, half of the time, does not nap but the two-year old still does. Attempting naps with both kids in the same room led to truncated naps for the two-year old. So now the eldest naps in the nursery, if the baby is not already asleep.

IMG_6432The painted blue desk has found the perfect home beneath our diy reclaimed wooden arrows. I draped a table handkerchief (a piece of fabric too small to be a table cloth) over the top as an accent.

IMG_6430I hung art on the long wall. A picture of Our Lady holding the Infant, an antique mirror that belonged to my grandmother and The Scream by Edward Munch. While this may seem like an odd combination we can interpret it in this way. On the left is how I want to feel, on the far right is how I feel at my worst, and in the middle I can check and see how I feel at the moment. The colors also work with the overall scheme (the true motivation behind the selection).

IMG_6431IMG_6438It’s a small room but we’re making it work.

Outside the cast iron, candle chandelier from Pottery Barn is finally in place!

IMG_6425I requested this as a Christmas gift when we lived in a large open home that lacked a chandelier in the proper place above the dining table. It worked for us in the next house when the chandelier was in an incredibly awkward spot. Our home now makes sense, so there seemed to be no place for this beauty, until I saw the potential of our front patio.

In order to ease the use of this, my father rigged up a pulley system. He hung two eye hook using toggle bolts, and connected them with a strong metal chain.

IMG_6429From the center of the chain is a small pulley, which is guided down the side of the window. Now I can lower it if I want to light the candles. I’m not sure when I’ll want to light the candles, but it’s an awfully good idea regardless.

IMG_6428I’m ever so excited that this will complement our new wrought iron fence!