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The Vision of a Parish, Part 2 Ideas

A Catholic parish, in line with Catholic tradition, should seek to do all things excellently. How does a non-profit become an incredible non-profit? By having a vision, grounded in the mission Christ gave to the disciples: “Go out to all the world and share the good news.” The good news

With an energy spike, other projects have taken off – Behold, Antoinette Moms!

Some recent time ago, my energy spiked. It’s been rather insatiable. There has been the energy to do things for our home, but an intellectual energy as well. This was in part satisfied through my summer position, interviewing and writing for the marketing department. But other projects have been brewing.

The need for moments of transcendence

Have you ever experience a moment of exquisite beauty? You walk into a building, a piece of music, and have to catch your breath. You look around you, bewildered at the sight, pause and take in the sounds that are foreign and yet familiar. You feel your heart lifted, your

Demanding Catholicism

I was struck by Elizabeth Scalia’s article considering the appeal of Islam and Mormonism to many Latinos who are converting from Catholicism to these other and very different religions. She asks if perhaps Catholicism is not demanding enough of its patrons. A very interesting question, indeed. Some time ago, I

Middle Class Illusions

How do American couples make it work? By working. The income gap between those on the lower rungs of the income ladder and those on the higher rungs has been increasing over time and is now the greatest that we’ve seen. Yet we haven’t shed our sentiments about the American

The Christian Mission

Since this devastating persecution of Christians and other non-radical-Islamic-terrorist/thinking persons began in the summer I’ve been posting a number is articles from Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress at Patheos.com. I’ve never gotten a comment on these articles. Perhaps it is because the topic is too gruesome or upsetting, perhaps it is

Comfort, give comfort to my people.

What is the function of mass? Depending on what generation of Catholic you are (if you are Catholic) the answer to this question will vary. Some say the function of the mass is evangelization or to build community. The importance is to reach out to others, to make the mass

Self-sustaining parishes

I was struck several weeks back to hear that a local parish rents out part of their property to a radio station and from the monies they receive in this arrangement, were able to pay for building repairs without touching their operating funds.  It brought to mind the monasteries that

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