The Good Life: Art in the Office

IMG_7735For a long time, art has been very meaningful to me. I imagine I’ve always been a visually oriented person. Discovering the beauty of fine art only increased that, first with internet searches in the early days of the internet (discovered Van Gogh and Turner that way), and later with art history classes in college.

I made the frames myself out of 1X1 wood, painted with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Linen. The color isn’t representative at all of what Linen is supposed to look like, I think, but it was my first experience using the the product. It may have been the color of the wood I started with that turned the creamy off white to a gray. It turned out perfect. The frames, though a little bulky for the size print, blend with the wall, highlighting the art.

I kept the selection to blues, as a calming color promoting trust. The color scheme for the office is blues and grays.

IMG_7739To see the pieces I selected and read about their meaning, check out my website.