Fall decorating 2015

My decorating tastes are expanding, as is my collection. I hope not too much. I was eager to move onto fall decorating this year. We don’t relish summer with it’s 100 degree heat waves in this valley. I miss the autumn of the East coast and Midwest. So as soon as September hit, I brought out the browns, oranges and golds.

IMG_7529An unusable teapot from Selective Consignments, wood cuttings from my father’s almond orchard, dark brown candles on awesome vintage sticks.

IMG_7531An early pumpkin and dried lavender.


The little chipmunk, an orange fabric circle to highlight the indigo on my Currier and Ives teapot. Tea = warmth = what I dream autumn is like. But it was 100 yesterday too.

IMG_7535The first harvest from our pumpkin patch at my parents house, the bounty of which we’ll sell at our sidewalk stand in front of our house starting October 1.

IMG_7537Already celebrating, we hosted our Cultural Camaraderie movie night and watched Victor Borge in action.

IMG_7583I clipped some fountain grass, salvia, lavender and basil, giving it a home in an old glass honey bottle.


IMG_7585 IMG_7587Another trip to the consignment store will keep the squirrel under control. My daughter added more fountain grass to a vase. She’s nearly five years old and already decorating.

IMG_7589I picked up this beautiful broom. The owner of the shop tried to sell me some other “more interesting” styles, but I loved this, circular with that beautiful weaving.

IMG_7590And if fall changes, three kids and a new business were not enough. We’re changing the kitchen. From this:

IMG_7459 IMG_7461 IMG_7581to this…


IMG_7596and now this…

IMG_7598 IMG_7601 It’s a beautiful and striking black quartz, a new faucet with sprayer and stainless steel sink (single basin, I can fit pots!). I’m still selecting the tile, but am leaning towards large black glossy tiles, hopefully with some texture. We’ll see once the sample arrives.

Things will continue to change. We’ll get the tile in somehow. I’ll put alter the decor for Halloween come October, our pumpkin stand will go out. I love fall!