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Bathroom completion!

Oh my, how long ago was it when we began this bathroom remodel. I painted the bathroom cabinet, and began scouring the internet for mirror and décor ideas. My husband added hardware, changed the faucets, and then we waited for the mirrors to arrive…and waited…and waited…and waited. One arrived broken.

Kitchen Remodel

So in the midst of it all, interior designing is delightful, relaxing, that is, until you get into the real work of it. Our countertops were a source of frustration and dated builder-standard design. They’re gone now! And in comes a beautiful black quartz by Cambria. Ooh-la-la, says Fancy Nancy!

Master Bath Day Dream, Take 2

The daydream I posted before was totally within reach financially (within reach this decade, to be specific) but if we translate time into money the plan would cost at least a $20,000, as I see it. We won’t have time this decade for that. As it costs me nothing but

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