Bathroom completion!

Oh my, how long ago was it when we began this bathroom remodel. I painted the bathroom cabinet, and began scouring the internet for mirror and décor ideas. My husband added hardware, changed the faucets, and then we waited for the mirrors to arrive…and waited…and waited…and waited. One arrived broken. They were sold out. The company was very accommodating (and new) and gave a full refund while allowing us to keep the other mirror. I found the same mirror on another website, so no harm done. But we lost momentum during the wait for sure.

Recently, it seems we adjusted to our new schedules and little projects around the house have seen their completion. This morning, my man switched the light fixtures around, per my request.


And later this morning, we tackled the oversized mirror and my husband hung the two mirrors (who were spray painted black some time ago, collecting dust). Then with loving kisses I continued to bring him things to hang. The verdict? Decide for yourself.

IMG_8000I chose these mirrors for their shelves, to lessen the countertop clutter.

IMG_7999The black and white palate is so striking.

IMG_8008IMG_8014Of course, the littlest touch of color goes a long way, I think.

IMG_7998The rose photograph now makes sense.

IMG_8013An antique spice rack to hold bobby pins, hair ties, and some luxury bath goodies.  IMG_8016And towel hooks for convenience.IMG_8017What do you think?

IMG_7996It feels like a decorated space now, whereas before there was little we could do to make it our own. In some fantasy, we’d rip out everything and put in a clawfoot tub and an antique dresser turned vanity, but I believe we’ll be happy with this remodel for a long time.

Kitchen Remodel

So in the midst of it all, interior designing is delightful, relaxing, that is, until you get into the real work of it. Our countertops were a source of frustration and dated builder-standard design.

IMG_7459They’re gone now! And in comes a beautiful black quartz by Cambria.

IMG_7598Ooh-la-la, says Fancy Nancy!

IMG_7601On has to be careful with trends. Everyone is painting kitchen cabinets these days. Although I love the look, I suspect stained wood will be back in style within ten years. Design, of whatever nature, just can’t handle such fierce enthusiasism without changing drastically. There is something about hot design that desires exclusivity and once everyone has it, no one wants it.

So one has to be careful. Some stains will never go out of style. Some will quickly, like the orangish stain of my cabinets. But, with a couple of our antique, including our huge coffee table, being the same shade, I didn’t mind so much.

IMG_7761With the white design in the black, I knew I could paint the cabinets white down the road and white never seems to go out of style.

I wanted a statement for the tile backsplash, but it could not compete with these intense countertops.




IMG_7807 The black minimizes the orange in the cabinets and makes them bearable.

I’m planning on red accents and picked up some pieces at the consignment store.


Down the road the fridge will go stainless. I’m on the fence still about hardware, though I know I want a sleek arch, which turns out to be a 1930’s design.

The outlets will also go black. For now, it was nice of our contractor to use red tape around them, since that’s the accent (right?).

It’s dramatic. As a mostly enclosed kitchen, it can afford the drama. Our living and dining room are all in neutrals with a few accent colors. It may be that this is the drama I crave for an enclosed dining room one day. Regardless, we love to be in there now.

Master Bath Day Dream, Take 2

The daydream I posted before was totally within reach financially (within reach this decade, to be specific) but if we translate time into money the plan would cost at least a $20,000, as I see it. We won’t have time this decade for that.
As it costs me nothing but joy to decorate in my head, here is Plan, ahem, Daydream 2 for the Master Bath.
I found this tutorial for how to turn a dated, cultured marble counter into a concrete counter top with a thin concrete overlay.
Using the existing vanity, painted white with nickel drawer pulls installed, an attractive nickel faucet, we could have something very functional and attractive.
Reverting back to the old idea of taking reclaimed redwood siding, I can frame out two mirrors to hang above each sink, allowing me to mount functional storage between the mirrors, or on the side, or below, or anywhere, since currently the mirror is large enough to hold a counseling session or interrogation behind it.
For lighting, continuing the nickel finish, school house light vanity lights to continue the clean, simple, down-to-earth vibe. Apothecary jars to hold our Costco purchases of Dove soap, cotton balls, and q-tips.
We also have a homemade hanging crate chandelier, modeled after a Pottery Barn project, that could hang over one side of the tub for candles, a plant, romantic stuff like that.
Hanging box detail, modeled after Pottery Barn
 This plan is much more realistic in terms of cost and time. Whatever happens, I’m dying to get that massive mirror out!