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Why Little League?

During my 7th grade year, I joined the track team, embracing the daring-do of the long and triple jump. It was my first foray into the world of sports beyond the usual Physical Education requirements. As a child I spent my time climbing trees, throwing a tennis ball against the

Choosing the Small

Journey in Love: A Catholic Mother’s Prayers after Prenatal Diagnosis is now available online at Our Sunday Visitor.     With my first book published and another on the way, there is cause to celebrate. Yet I cannot help asking myself, where do I go from here? That same question

Herd Some Chickens

Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch   We have chickens at our house. Down in numbers from our first purchase, the two remaining are a sight for sore eyes. One is a tiny, mixed breed. The other, named Cobalt, is large, dark gray hen, often mistaken for a rooster,

One Inspires Many

  Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch   At the Bookworm Literacy booth during Love Hughson, my 8-year-old, at my strong encouraging, selected “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson. One character, the Finn Woman tells her reindeer, “I can give her no greater power than she has already,”

Small-Town Solidarity in this Political Season

Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch   R. R. Reno, the editor at First Things Magazine, an intellectual journal exploring religion and public life, offers some intriguing thoughts this month in his article “Common Good Conservatism.” In the first section, Reno focuses on the terrible rift in American society

Kyle Casey of Casey Music Service assists you with all things music. Educate: private music lessons. Restore: bringing those instruments back to glory through tunings and repair. Create: custom wind chimes for the music lover.

Photojournalism Tips in my Notebook that Celebrate Small Town Life

Sharing with you my photos of the week (viii) Last season I rediscovered the joy of using the local library. While it is an excellent source for Anne of Green Gables, some of its offerings are a little out-dated, though not useless! Checking out Photojournalism: A Professional’s Approach, I learned

Photos of the Week (vii)

Childlike wonder makes everything clearer (photo from Vintage at the Yard). When summer comes I’ll look out this window to see nothing other than a beautiful mess of green from this tree. The sky after the rain is a powerful thing. We’ve seen many such skies in the past week.

Photos of the week (vi)

So much good this week. In small-town news… I interviewed a sandwich shop owner committed to continuing the legacy of a man who owned an iconic sandwich shop in Hughson, Kozi Korner. Kozi Korner was my first taste of freedom, riding my bike “to town” to buy whatever I wanted.

Photos of the Week (iv)

For small-town news, we attended a comedy date night at Connecting Point Church of the Nazarene. While the featured comedian was a little rough on Catholic sensibilities the night was overall enjoyable. Best moments: when the improv group interviewed a couple who had been married for 55 years, then acted

Photos of the Week (iv)

The weather warmed up and when I sat outside, all desire to work magically vanished. Though I knew it was Saturday, no ramifications of that emerged in my consciousness. With Monday comes awareness of the world beyond my home. So without further ado, photos of the week. Only small town

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