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Photos from the Week iii

Not a photograph but still a snapshot from life. Recently published at Mind and Spirit, a more vulnerable piece by me about my struggle with scruples. Small town Life Small town life means affordable performances in small settings – Pippi Longstocking come to CSU Stanislaus. It means police come to

Photos from the Week

As a new experiment, I will share with you my photos from the week. Some are photos from home and others are from my work with the newspaper. Because the paper is not online, I have been considering the best way to share. I photograph with an old DSLR camera that

Oktoberfest and Culture

Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch.   Driving home from San Francisco I listened to a CD my husband burned for me when we were dating. He titled it “Romance and Culture.” Rightly so, the compilation ends with authentic Russian and Japanese tunes. Listening to the different musical quality

Today is Clean-up Day!

I grew up outside city limits. In my upbringing, there were no baseball evenings, annual yard sales or citywide clean-up. Now that we live in town, I look forward to these things immensely. When I described this town to a nurse in San Francisco, she said, “oh my gosh, you

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