Photos of the Week (iv)

For small-town news, we attended a comedy date night at Connecting Point Church of the Nazarene. While the featured comedian was a little rough on Catholic sensibilities the night was overall enjoyable. Best moments: when the improv group interviewed a couple who had been married for 55 years, then acted out their story.


There is beauty in pruning. We clear away the unwanted or out-of-control, and then we see the sky.

IMG_3426 2IMG_3430

It is spring in California and the blossoms are blooming. Anyone with a bit of land can grow their own fruit. It really is amazing.

IMG_3437 2IMG_3441

Our adventures this year include planting annuals. They look bright against the wasted foliage that died away during winter, much like our blessings. When seen in this light, the blessings look all the more beautiful.

IMG_3433 2

Little joys this February consist of lattes and bowls of citrus whether they’ll be used for martinis or pie, it makes everyday feel like a celebration.

IMG_3428 2

This week daffodils sprung up all around my mother’s property. The very first batch went to sweet Celeste at the cemetery. The rest come to us.


The things that give me joy now remind me ever so much of how they carried me last spring as we anticipated the birth and passing of our daughter. I feel gratitude for these things. It is as though the daffodils are among the friends who supported me along the way. It is good to see them again.

What I learned this Spring


As a matter of reflection, today I am participating in What We Learned with Emily P. Freeman. To read what Emily and others learned this Spring, click here.

1. I learned what is on the other side of the death of my child.

She was born and died on March 2nd. Leading up to her birth, I wondered what it would be like on the other side, what I would be like. I think the world is a different place. I am more afraid. I am seeking healing. I need art and beauty in my life like never before.

2. I learned PTSD symptoms can accompany stillbirth.

I chose not to read too much about things leading up to her birth. There have been some very personal triggers that take me back to when she was born. I am working on rewriting her story, to remember how beautiful and grace-filled some of those moments were.

3. I learned my son’s stomach will always feel hard when he cries because all the muscles are engaged.

Thought I knew everything, but I don’t.

4. I learned box cushions are hard to sew!

My goodness! This was not a quick and easy project. It was worth it though, for emotional healing through a project and the beauty of sitting outside on a comfortable couch.

5. I learned colorful elastic works better than ribbon for covering the handle of an Easter basket.

It grips as no ribbon can.

6. I learned the art glass vases I like are from the 1960’s, often made by Viking.

And they are so beautiful! I finally bought one, a flaming bright orange vase.

7. I learned I can not become a therapist in California because my degree does not meet California’s requirements.

Learning this set me free from the burden of wondering and launched me in a new direction that brings me so much joy.

8. I learned outdoor furniture should be put away in wet weather or it could mold.

Learned the hard way…

9. I learned my son is not stable enough for me to work outside the home.

A blessing in disguise.

10. I learned I can be successful as a writer.

Articles sold! Joy experienced.

11. I learned the meaning of Shabbat.

I love the people I meet at UCSF.