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On Doing the Thing I Don’t Mean to Do…and Why.

Also called, Weakness of Will By Kathryn Casey, Owner and Coach at The Good Life – Life Coaching It seems like if we know what we want, and we know that which we want is good, nothing should stop us. But time and again, it does not go this way.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Is your glass half full or half empty? Do you see the world through rose colored glasses? What does optimism actually mean? We’ve got a new article up on our resources tab. Check it out! “Seeing the glass as half full or half empty: Optimism v Pessmisim” at http://www.coachingthegoodlife.org

A Road Map for Turning Wishes into Goals

A guide on setting goals without the use of magic Goal planning gets us started, beginning with the end in mind. A goal is different from a wish. If I say, “I wish I could make a million dollars this year,” I’d be fooling myself. But if I say, “I

How to improve your judgment in tough situations: an look at practical wisdom

Aristotle called it practical wisdom. The saints called it prudence. Today we usually refer to it is as judgment. Read more to find out what it is and how to develop it. From the weekly column, “Here’s to the Good Life!” published in the Hughson Chronicle, republished online at Coachingthegoodlife.org

The Good Life: Art in the Office

For a long time, art has been very meaningful to me. I imagine I’ve always been a visually oriented person. Discovering the beauty of fine art only increased that, first with internet searches in the early days of the internet (discovered Van Gogh and Turner that way), and later with

How virtuous do you think you are? Considering how specific virtues look

Today let’s talk more concretely about specific virtues (from Peterson and Seligman). Take a moment and think about each of these life areas. You can go online to https://www.viacharacter.org/survey/account/register to take a survey measuring each of the virtues or just reflect on it personally as you sit with your morning

Straight down the middle

Finding out how to find virtue Conversations outside of parenting lectures and religious sermons usually don’t take the turn of one person telling another “grow in virtue” but as we talked about the previous column, “Character Counts,” they could. Want to get the most out of life? Want to fulfill

Office Remodel: the original, the plan, and the ingredients

The future home of The Good Life – Life Coaching, as I found her: A 6×13 building. Vandalized over two years ago. Asphalt in need of repair. Under a metal canopy. She used to be a carwash. But thanks to the generosity of the owner. The price is right. I

The Good life – Part 2

Until I began this venture, I knew very little about running a small business. I’m no master at it now, but I’ve learned a lot. I wanted my business to be in Hughson so I could go in for a client session and then come home. I found out in

The Good Life – Part 1

New phase of life. We got used to the old one, adjusting to three kids, work schedules, stability, so why not venture out into new territory, the unknown, the dreamland? I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology. It is not possible for me to attend school full time or work

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