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On Doing the Thing I Don’t Mean to Do…and Why.

Also called, Weakness of Will By Kathryn Casey, Owner and Coach at The Good Life – Life Coaching It seems like if we know what we want, and we know that which we want is good, nothing should stop us. But time and again, it does not go this way.

Conversations in Modesty: The Group Talk

This is the Third installment of a five-part series on modesty. Check back each day to read the latest.   They Ask, Men and Women Respond. So far we’ve discussed the ways a Christian man can mess up his request that a woman dress more modestly, and a way he

Conversations in Modesty: Man Asks, Woman Responds

When I was in a high school youth group, we heard many a talk on modesty: what it is, why it matters, etc. Creatively, we separated by gender and a spokesperson from one group spoke to the other group. A young man testified that he was affected by a woman’s

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