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The Triple Bunk Bed cont…with plans pdf!

It is finished! To see some of the process, click here. Well, it was finished a while ago but I wanted to be able to share with you the plans my husband put together. Alphabet sheets, from IKEA but discontinued, for the boy, along with an small jungle of stuff

Upholstered Headboards for the Triple Bunk Bed

Good design is in the details. And I believe good design does not waste. When we moved into this house one year ago I attempted to convert our dining chair habit to benches so the children would take up less space. Nice idea, but uncomfortable! I think dining benches are

New projects: Upholstered Headboards

Our IKEA bookcase has seen one too many assembly procedures. At the yard sale, the thing plumb fell over from weakness. I’d decided to make use of the demolished product. Searching for fabric for my new antique chair, I went first to Home Fabrics and Rugs and felt so very

The Triple Bunk Bed

12/16/15, Monday While in college I found I love organization and clutter free areas. It calms me down and gives me space to think. For me, the kids room has been a cluttered nightmare as we made do with a double size bed for one and a twin size bed

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