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What I Learned This Spring

I used the calendar to jog my memory of what took place during the past three months. It is late in the game to make this reflection. Nevertheless, let’s begin.   1 It is worth it to travel for a good haircut. I am sure there are a lot of

What I Learned This Winter

Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle & Denair Dispatch. When do you take the opportunity to look back? We often do it at the turn of the New Year, or at the end of a time commitment, like a month-long fast from shopping or alcohol. We live in a 24/7

What did I learn this year?

A good book clears the head. Not so much the introspective books. They have their place, but an old novel with characters who have stood the test of time, been put on screen in a way that pleases no one because the depth of character is too difficult to grasp.

What I Learned: Summer edition

Inspired by Emily P. Freeman’s,  “Let’s Share What We Learned This Summer” I present my simple list. What did you learn this summer? Consider joining in by going to her link. What I learned Calligraphy How to watercolor and use a palate by watching a demonstration at Arch Supplies in

What I learned this Spring

  As a matter of reflection, today I am participating in What We Learned with Emily P. Freeman. To read what Emily and others learned this Spring, click here. 1. I learned what is on the other side of the death of my child. She was born and died on March

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