Weekend Links 10.28.17

Heavy like a pile of leaves.

Fall festivities

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery…that quote speaks to the depths of my heart this month.


Think I just found my Catholic tie-in to back up our dressing as witches for Halloween (we’re not Witches of Eastwick! Think Bewitched, instead). The last “witch” hanged in Boston was a Catholic.

Halloween makes for big debates among Christians. Here are some perspectives:

Pro-Halloween: The celebration itself is deeply spiritual.

Pro-Halloween: Regarding our children and creepy Halloween. It is interesting to point out the elements of the Catholic faith that may seem creepy, but to practicing Catholics are just normal.

Cautionary: The glorification of violence is not.

I think we might do this, but without the food. I like the idea of creating a place of prominence to remember our beloved dead on All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. I could see it becoming very meaningful for our children (and us too).


Good news Target

Moved to tears with this: “Target’s new line for kids with special needs…” After the hours I spent making vests for Peter. I can appreciate the need, even if we are still in toddler stages.

Bad News Target

Give a gift and let them choose if they like it before receiving because it really is only the thought that counts. Target is unrolling a gift giving option this year. Except for that graciousness matters, taking thoughtfulness all the way without the protective shield of a gift receipt or option for a gift card. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting cash and gift cards, but a well-thought gift? I still remember who gave me that soup tureen eight years ago.

The call of God

Are you having Augustine moments with your conversion? Hard to make it stick? Even if you’re not, Read this. Jesus has a plan on how to get in.

Beauty in the Church. We need it!

I would describe this piece as penetrating. To remember how and when and by what means mothers will give of themselves.

Please read this heart-rending request from a woman who was brutally raped in need of help to pay for surgeries to recover her body from that attack. It makes me furious to think how intensely one side focuses on access to abortion, and neglects basics of care.


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