Living Room Refresh

When you say “I bought a new chair!” this will not be ground breaking news to the people in your life. But if are like me, each little change is one step closer to that magical place of everything being “just right,” “perfectly balanced,” “all come together,” you get the idea.

We moved into the house with an apple green interior. I quickly painted over the, shall we say, terra cotta brown bump out into a moody dark green.

Living room


I switched out my mom’s college yard sale-find coffee table for an old library table who had lost its lower legs earlier in life. The walls went Collanande Grey by Sherwin Williams.


The day we bought the piano I found this fabulous end table. It’s a little orange but goes with other antiques in the place so I don’t mind. Art Deco inspired throw pillows joined the mix.

IMG_5030With this combo, I was really happy. I didn’t mind the couch sitting in front of the windows because I did not see anyway around it.

Then one morning the man of the house sprung it on me. “Why don’t we…” and a “I never really liked the couch there…” Oy vay! For a man who has little preferences with how the place gets decorated, this really threw me. I had to ask for clarification later. He provided it, very technically. He might be 5% happier if the couch were somewhere else. The man suggested, for summer, we block the fire place so we don’t have to battle the children on it. I complied and found a pleasing arrangement.


The patriotic pillows I made for Independence Day joined us. There was no room for the coffee table so I stashed it under my daughter’s bed (tier 2 of the triple bunk bed).


My poor rocking chair which never should have been outside got oiled and joined the crowd. I simply used mineral oil purchased from Ikea, but I’m looking forward to trying Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil.


Isn’t it fun to pretend you have a real telephone? Next thing I know the kids were running it around the room, so the “telephone table” was short lived.   IMG_7199

Going through my art in the garage, I found an extra wedding photograph and finally got this frame put together. Currently this is hung in my seasonal spot, above our telephone table.


It’s good to make little changes. I found I missed the neutral pillow covers, which reinforces for me that they were a good purchase. So they are back.

When the weather gets cold again, in November, I’m sure we’ll move the couch back. For now my husband is enjoying it and my sweet 89-year old grandmother thinks we moved it because of the heat from the front window.

So don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s the way to find that certain look you want or are dreaming of but can’t quite visualize.