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Life Lessons from the Garden

Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch   I looked out the window to my mess of a backyard. Birdseed drove foreign plants out from the lawn of assorted weeds. The wild, drought-tolerant and all-too-happy to be watered plants had grown, taking over the slow and steady evergreens I hoped

Are ideologies coming between you and your neighbor?

You are more than an “-ism” and so are They     It feels a bit like we live in a society that is either overly nice (politically correct) daring never to touch on the things that matter most, never exploring with others the hard questions about existence, or we

Stories of Hope: A Conversation with Holly Anna Calligraphy

  How one woman uses her way of caring for her soul to speak life to others Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch   “How can I speak life to the people that follow me?” Holly Stavness, owner of Holly Anna Calligraphy reflected in her Facebook feed. I no

Possession vs Contemplation and other thoughts on the County Fair

  How do we experience reality?     Some say by photographing every encounter, we are trying to capture it, to possess it, instead of allowing the moment to present to us what it has to offer. Contemplation is a manner of receiving, rather than possessing, to let the thing

How to Find Friends When You’re All Grown-up

Sharing with you the wisdom of Rebecca Frech and Fountains of Carrots. Previously published in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch   In infancy, no one but the mother exists in the infant’s eyes. Solitary play is good enough, as long as Mother (the primary giver) is near. In early childhood, parallel

Fours Ways to Wonder and Awe

I went to the Coast. I came back to the kitchen.   We are surrounded with vestiges (fingerprints) of God that point us to Him. They connect us to something higher, something bigger than ourselves, something that tells us the world makes sense and despite the chaos, tragedy and crime,

What Self-Care is and What it isn’t

First thoughts on It’s Okay to Start with You written by Julia Hogan, published by Our Sunday Visitor Previously published at the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch   There were actions that sustained me in the hard times. Eat fewer chicken strips, order the apple and peanut butter on the hospital tray.

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